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Moving Often? Store It Once

Most likely, if you took a survey, you would discover that most people do not rank packing, moving, and unpacking as one of their top twenty favorite activities. So, if you are in a position where you will be moving often over the next few months or years, you can ease your stress by lightening your load.

If you know that your job is going to require you to make some frequent moves, or if you are going to be chasing some dreams or exploring new opportunities, a serious paring down of your possessions may be essential. You can start by giving away, donating, or selling the things you have no attachment to and don't plan on needing or using anytime soon. Next, you can make a compilation of the things you feel you must take with you when you move.

Most likely, you will have a third group of items that are things you have an emotional attachment to or items you don't want to have to buy again once you have settled down somewhere. Explore your storage opportunities and select a company that offers the type of storage you need. There are climate control storage units for items that require specific care. Since this may be long-term storage, you'll want to do some comparisons to find a company that offers storage options that comply with your budget.

The least expensive way to get items to a storage unit is to move them yourself or have friends or family help you move them. However, you may not have a vehicle large enough to move some of your possessions. In this situation, you may have to arrange for a rental truck or cargo van to transport your items to their storage location.

In the future, each time you pack to move, you will be thanking yourself for making the choice to store a large portion of items. You may get the art of packing for a move down to a regimented process, but regardless of how experienced you get with packing and moving, less is best and reduces stress.