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Help! My RV Needs A Place To Rest blog for travelers who can't park RV at their house

You've bought an RV and it's one of the best investments in your life. Your family has big plans to hit the road and see the country. There's only one problem. There is no place to put it at your house. Your driveway, lawn, and garage can't handle it and the code enforcer will be giving you trouble. You're at wit's end about storage. Take a deep breath because you have options.

Storage units are a popular alternative. While you might only picture the smaller containers that people use for their furniture and belongings, there are larger units as well. Check around your area and find out how well different facilities can accommodate you. Some have units that are large enough to store vehicles and the contents of a large home. An RV could be a good possibility.

You can also get in contact with local RV dealers. They can often hook you up with storage options. The dealer may even have a garage for that purpose, a good selling point for interested buyers, especially if you get a good deal. Otherwise, there may be buildings that are no longer in business. Owners often look for ways to make use of the property until there is a sale. Keep your eyes and ears open.

If you are fortunate, you may have friends or family with adequate space for your RV. If someone is willing to accommodate you, offer a favor in return. Work out a schedule and let them take advantage of your RV as well. It is only fair if they are extending hospitality to you.

You can also inquire at appealing campgrounds. Many will allow customers to have use of a site year round. You could leave your RV at the campground when it is not in use. Make sure you get in some camping at the facility as well. There will be an expense for keeping your RV on the grounds. However, you may find one that you really like, where you can join a community of regulars. Special events and atmosphere could be a big attraction.