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Ease Your Stress, Store It Until Holiday Visitors Go Home

Do you have a guest room that looks like a storage room? Is your house filled to over-flowing with furniture and an absolutely amazing amount of stuff? If that's the situation you find yourself in when you have holiday guests coming for a visit, there's no need to panic. Take a deep breath, then do a little investigating to find a self storage facility near you using Affordable Moves. Rent a small unit and consider the money you pay for rent an investment in your sanity.

Get some sturdy boxes and a marker for labeling the boxes. Beginning with the guest room, pack up everything that does not need to be in the room. Then move on to the guest bath, your living area, and maybe even the dining room, and kitchen to pack up items you will not be need for a while.

You can either take the boxes to the unit yourself or have the items picked up at your house and taken to the storage unit. Now that your home is far less cluttered, you can prepare for your holiday guest. Add some welcoming touches to the guest room. Candles, a little holiday decor, beautiful bedding, and some pleasurable reading material are nice additions to a guest room.

Arrange the furniture in your living area so it is easy for everyone to converse. Expand your dining table if it happens to be a drop leaf or extension style table. Give your kitchen some holiday touches.

Your holiday visitors will be very impressed with your exquisitely decorated home. You are sure to collect compliments on your uncluttered home and on the beautifully decorated guest room. Only you will know what your house looked like before a few things took a trip to a nearby storage unit.

Once your guests leave, you may discover you like having an attractive guest room. It's possible you will not even miss the items you removed from the other rooms. As an added bonus, you now have an easy access place to store holiday decorations. Storage units are great for storing seasonal items.