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Wedding Bells and Storage Units

If the sound of wedding bells is in the air, it might be time for you to stock up on a storage unit. Surprisingly, acquiring a storage unit, or two, during your wedding planning stages can significantly help calm the chaos. Whether you’re planning the big day to take place at your home or you need a separate area to organize and sort all of your wedding arrangements, a storage unit just might become your best man. Here’s  how a storage unit may ameliorate some of your wedding woes:

Backyard Wedding

Ever since you moved into your new home, you’ve dreamt of a backyard wedding. Fast forward through the proposal and engagement, and here you are planning the wedding of your dreams in your garden. The only problem is you have a ton of deck furniture, whimsical décor, and an above-ground pool, all which don’t exactly compliment a dainty garden wedding. You certainly won’t want to ditch your backyard furniture just for the day, so gather up your belongings and place them temporarily in your storage unit until after the wedding.

In-house Wedding Reception

You don’t have to be the one getting married to host a wedding party. If your home was chosen as the designated location for a wedding reception, you might want to reserve a storage unit now. Think of the hors d’oeuvre table, dance floor, and buffet line. Is all of this really going to fit with the way you have your home set up right now? Probably not. With a storage unit, you can pack up your couch, dining room table, and grand piano to make room for the wedding necessities.

Wedding Organization

We don’t have to remind you how much planning goes into creating a flawless wedding. From finding the perfect shade of napkins and scoring the ideal matching vases, you’re bound to have a ceiling-high pile of wedding decorations. In order to avoid the risk of your new puppy tearing through the table cloths or your fiancé accidentally spilling coffee on the goodie bags, rent a storage unit and store all of your wedding items in there safe and sound to prevent any disasters.