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Ways to Pack Green

Some think going the environmentally friendly route is difficult or time consuming, but when it comes to doing a green move, it’s easy! Sometimes it just takes a little extra consideration and forethought to ensure a Mother Nature approval of your moving practices. To kick start your eco-friendly move, follow these three simple tips:

Pack with Recycled Supplies

Waste not, want not. There’s no need to buy and waste wrapping paper specifically designed for packing when there are a ton of eco-friendly alternatives. For starters, recycle your newspapers and magazines, and use them to wrap up your belongings. Also, we’re almost certain you have a pile of old socks, towels, and t-shirts you were planning on throwing out before your move, but instead of throwing them out, use them to pack your goods. Another way of green moving is to pack with reusable boxes.

Turn off Central Air and Lights

If you have a whole army of movers or friends helping you pack up your goods and move out, chances are your front door will be wide open all day long. Just think of how much heat or air conditioning will escape! Turn off the central air to save energy. If it’s an especially warm day, designate a room with a fan where your movers can turn it on and off to cool themselves down.

The same goes for electricity. There’s no need to have the lights on in every room, while you’re moving. If it’s dark, keep the lights on in the room you’re working on and the hallways leading to the front door.


Instead of throwing out all your unwanted goods you don’t want to take to your new place, consider donating them to Good Will, Salvation Army, or other thrift stores where people in need can make good use of your belongings.

If you have broken electronics, do Mother Nature a favor and don’t dump them in the ordinary trash. Find a proper e-waste recycling company, which will properly dispose of your batteries, computers, cell phones, printers, and more.