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Survival Guide for Moving Back Home

As much as you and your parents love one another, moving back into their place can trigger some tension. Gone are the days when you could stumble home at 4:00 am to your empty apartment and eat ice cream for every meal for weeks straight. Your parents are giving up their pristine, tidy, and quiet home due to your arrival. Though it’ll take some effort, it is possible to cohabitate the same space with your parents just like the old days. Just follow our tips to help you all stay sane:

Figure out Payments from the Start

Before you’re settled in, sit down with your folks to discuss payments. Decide whether you can afford to chip in for rent, utilities, and groceries. If you’re short on funds right now, step it up on the chores. Offer to mow the lawn, clean the kitchen, and vacuum the house each week to earn your keep.

Create a Game Plan

While your parents will be excited to see you more often, remember you are invading their space. They’ve probably gotten used to their empty nest, and with your return, you’re disturbing their way of life they’ve settled into since you originally left. For sanity’s sake, decide on a day you plan to move on your merry way. This will keep you on your toes, whether you’re hunting for a job or looking for an apartment, and it will also help your parents see the light at the end of the tunnel when they can have their space back.

Act like an Adult

If you want to be treated as an adult, act like one. Pick up after yourself, offer to cook dinner, and for goodness sake, don’t let your mother do your laundry. You may think you’re too old for your parents to set a curfew, but won’t it seem contradictory if your mom still makes your bed? The same goes for consideration, when you’re going to miss dinner or spend the night out, call or text your parents so they won’t worry or let dinner go cold waiting on you.