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Making it Work: Ways to Cut Corners during a Temporary Move

Whether you’re waiting for your house to close or you’re in between leases, temporary housing is a good way to pass the time while not overstaying your welcome on your friend’s couch. It might seem daunting of where to go or how to survive the next few weeks without bleeding cash at a hotel, but you do have options. These are some easy ways to cut before moving into your new home for good.


The most popular option of temporary housing is sublets. These are usually rooms, studios, or houses offered up when the current tenant is out of town for an extended period of time. Sublets are generally rented with a finite time frame, so you’ll have somewhere to stay for a month or two while you finalize your home.

Storage Unit

Rather than pay extra rent for a room in your sublet, store your belongings in a storage unit until it’s time to move into your new home. Storage units are far cheaper than paying for extra space, and everything you own will be safe and sound until you’re ready to move.

WiFi with Your Latte

It doesn’t make sense to pay for WiFi if you’re only going to be living in a place for a few weeks. Instead of shelling out hard-earned cash, get your WiFi from your local coffee shop. Most libraries, stores, and restaurants also offer free WiFi if you’re just looking to check emails and Facebook.

Save Money on Dishes and Laundry

Washing your own dishes isn’t too hard, and it’s much cheaper than paying a premium on electricity in your temporary home. This is also true with laundry. Temporary homes usually charge a pretty penny if they come with a washer and dryer in-house. So if you want to cut corners to save some money before the big move, move into a space without the appliances, and save up some quarters for an hour or two at the local laundry mat.