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How You Know it’s Time to Live on Your Own

You’re trying to get some sleep before work when your bartender roommate comes home and starts cooking dinner at 3am. Yes, it might be time to finally start living on your own. While ideas of grandeur and Park Ave lofts might be out of range for your current salary, you might be ready for a move more than you think.

Do You Have a Realistic Stable Income?

The best thing about living with roommates is cheap rent. Now, just because you got a new job doesn’t mean you should pack your bag and jet out the door to your new place. Wait until you’re confident in your job’s stability as well as your income-to-housing rate. If you’re using up half of your month’s paycheck in rent alone, it’s not worth living on such a shoestring.

Are You Ok with Solitude?

One of the reasons people live with roommates is for instant social connection. Without roommates, you’ll need to be ok coming home to a quiet house and cooking on your own. If this solitude sounds like paradise, you might be ready for a solo living situation.

You Don’t Need a Whiteboard Reminding You of Chores

If you don’t need a roommate nagging you to finally wash your dishes, throw the trash, or mop the floors, you probably have enough responsibility to keep your own adobe clean and sanitary.

You’re Excited to Move

If you feel like you’re moving out because “it’s time”, you’re probably not ready. You don’t want to feel resentment or loneliness in living in your own place by yourself. Move once you have the means to do so and you’re excited about the idea of solo living.