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How to Deal with Paranormal Activity in Your New Home

Moving into a new home in a new town is stressful enough without the worry of unexplained sounds and seemingly creepy occurrences. You’re more than likely on edge from the stress of the move and the anxiety of job hunting and meeting new people, and any creaky sounds or chilly drafts on top of it all can send you over the edge. If you’ve moved into a new place and you have inkling it may be haunted, consider some of these tips before leaving town.

Find the Practical Source

Before jumping to conclusions about spirits and ghosts, first look for a reasonable source for the spookiness. Check your doors and windows for drafts, which could explain cold spots. Also check areas where pipes or wires connect to your home as they too could create drafts. As for the noises, realize humidity, dryness, and coldness cause wood to swell or shrink causing eerie noises. Your air system and pipes may make noise, especially if your pipes are loose. If you can’t find the source on your own, consider hiring an inspector to check out specific areas before you conclude your home is haunted.

Be Positive

Some ghost hunters believe spirits and hauntings are attracted to negative energy. These hunters believe ghosts are more drawn to those who are depressed, so working on finding positivity, happiness, and inner peace may be the key. It’s worth a shot to read self-help books or even meet with a counselor.  Whether your home is really haunted or not, it never hurts to change your attitude and create positive energy for your own well-being.

Hire a Ghost Hunter

Though it might sound like a hoax, there are reputable, professional ghost hunters and paranormal investigators who are eager to help you rid you of your problem. Before you take out your wallet and hire a professional though, keep in mind many of them do not charge for their services. Because these investigators cannot always find the source of the issue or rid you of your problem, many offer their services free of charge for the sake of helping those in distress.