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How Not to Drive Your Roomies Crazy

Maybe it’s your first time living with another person besides your family or perhaps you’re moving in with roomie number 32, but regardless of your level of co-living experience, it’s never too late to brush up on your roomie 101. It’s not required for you to be the best of friends with your roommates, but maintaining cordial friendly relationships can make all the difference. We’ve provided you with a few simple tips to help you keep good vibes between you and your roomies.


Figure out Bills Ahead of Time

Before even agreeing to move in, discuss bills. If you’re not planning on using the TV, ask in advance if you can get a cut on the cable bill, but don’t wait until it’s time to cough up the money. Are you splitting the electricity and water bills evenly? If your room is the smallest, will you pay less than the others? Figure out these financial details before you agree on moving in to prevent potential issues when the bills roll in.


Maintain Your Storage Unit

Just because you have a new place to live doesn’t mean you can fill up your shared living space with all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the past 10 years. If your new place already has three TVs, your apartment probably won’t need a fourth. Keep your storage unit to hold all your belongings, which just won’t fit in your new home. Trust us, your new roomies will appreciate not having to trip and climb over your additional furniture and clutter.


Be Respectful

It may sound like a given, but respect is a major contributing factor to a friendly living situation. When you make dinner, do your dishes, and if you’re in a rush, leave a note or text your roomies saying you’ll take care of it ASAP. The same goes for if your roomie has work early in the morning. You may want to ask if she minds you have guests over at the house or if there’s a time to keep the noise volume low.