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Yuck! Protect Your Mattresses from the Unthinkable

A mattress is an investment. Mattress sellers typically remind customers they spend up to one third of their lives asleep in order to justify the price. Like fine art and other high-priced items, mattresses are not designed for long-term storage, so they need a little extra attention before you store them.

First, choose a climate-controlled storage facility that manages humidity. If the mattress absorbs moisture, the internal springs could begin to rust. Worse, the mattress could grow mold and mildew. If this happens, you might as well have thrown the mattress into a dumpster.

Once you have reserved a climate-controlled unit, it is time to find a protective covering. If you fail to cover your mattress properly, bugs, such as mites, bed bugs, and spiders, will move in. Dust and dirt will also settle into the crevices. Again, the expensive mattress will be ruined.

Cover your mattress with a mattress bag, available at moving stores, mattress stores, and big-box retailers. Many retailers also sell protective coverings for sofas, loveseats, and other soft furniture. A breathable bag is best. However, you might find that mattress stores have plastic bags used for shipping mattresses available for free. Make sure the bag you choose is puncture resistant, and seal it tightly with duct tape.

Next slide your mattress into a cardboard mattress box. This will help protect its shape during storage. Seal the box tightly and even consider wrapping the box in more plastic, such as garbage bags. This will help protect the mattress in case water somehow enters your unit.

Mattress retailers suggest storing mattresses flat, rather than upright. Flat storage allows pressure to be equally distributed across the surface. If you are able to store your mattress flat, make sure nothing sits on top of it.

Remember your mattress was an investment and deserves to be cared for as an investment. The extra effort will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also help you sleep better at night, knowing that your mattress is clean and free from any creepy-crawlies.