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Your Kayak's Winter Home: Why Boat Storage Is Important

You enjoy using your Kayak in the warm weather, but when it starts to turn cold outside, you should find a good place to store it. You want your kayak to work well for you when the temperatures start to rise again and choosing a storage unit to keep it in can offer you assurance that your boat will continue to be reliable and safe to put in the water. Affordable Moves can help you find the storage facility in your area to store your kayak all winter long. You want to find a storage facility that has good reviews and offers affordable prices.

It is important to keep your kayak stored away from direct sunlight, ideally even inside of a building. The sun can fade the coloring of the kayak and cause it to start to degrade over time so you want to avoid it as much as possible in the winter months. If there are extreme temperature changes in the winter in your location, you may want to consider storing your kayak in a climate controlled storage unit. Plastic can become brittle in cold temperatures and wood can crack. Your kayak is a fun yet expensive investment, and you do not want it to get damaged because the temperature drops at night and too much heat exposure during the day.

Safety is another reason to use a storage facility during the winter. You want to know your kayak is going to be secure at all times. Most good storage units offer different security options such as a personal lock for each unit and possibly surveillance cameras. Many facilities have security lighting and are either inside of a building or they may have a fence surrounding the property. Be sure and discover what type of security a potential storage facility offers so you know your kayak will be safe and protected until you are ready to use it again. Once the weather starts to warm up again, you can easily go pick up your kayak and plan out your next adventure.