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Where Is the Santa Suit? Seasonal Storage Solutions

Do you feel like you're going on a scavenger hunt when it is time to change your seasonal decorations? Do you sit there, scratching your head, wondering where you put everything or where you will put everything? It's time to get organized and make your life easier.

First, take a day to go through all of your seasonal decorations. If you work best on your own at home, send the family off to get them out of your hair. If you are a team player, tell everyone there will be a pizza and movie party as a reward for a job well done. Gather everything in piles. Put your Christmas items in one corner, anything you have for fall in another spot, your spring collection in another pile, and create a location for odds and ends. Take your time packing everything neatly in a way that has a system and is well marked. Plastic totes are ideal and you can even pick different colors for each season.

Storage comes next. If you are fortunate to have enough space in your attic, basement, garage, or spare room, arrange your totes in an orderly fashion. Place them in the order they will be needed, moving the season that will be in need to the front. You can stack them, put them in closets, or set them on pallets. The most important thing is to use a system and always put things in their place.

If you do not have enough room in your house to store your seasonal decorations with ease, you have option of a storage facility. You may really find this to be a lifesaver. There will be no more tripping over boxes or pulling your hair out, wondering where on earth you are going to put everything. Shop around and find the facility that is clean, has security in place, and is affordable. This could be your opportunity to get some other items cleared out of your house as well. Think about anything else that can go with your seasonal decorations. You might want to pack away your seasonal clothes too.