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The Personality Test: What’s In Your Unit?

If someone walked into your storage unit, what would they think about you? Your storage unit tells an entire story about you and your personality. Affordable Moves can help you find a storage facility to hold any type of items for as long as you need to have them stored.

If you are a bold individual, you may have some exciting items hidden in your storage unit such as a skateboard or even a motorcycle. You may also have fun toys like radio-controlled cars you race as a hobby. Your storage unit will be full of surprises.

Creative individuals may have a hidden talent such as being able to play an instrument. Storage units are the perfect place to store instruments of all sizes from flutes and trumpets to pianos and drum sets. Many creative people also paint or create other forms of artwork. A storage unit is the perfect place to store your art supplies. Writers may need a place to store their paperwork, notebooks, typewriters, or computers.

If you are quiet and smart person, you may have many books to store in a unit or a lot of electronic equipment. Many people enjoy spending time at home watching movies on televisions or laptops, and these items can easily be stored in a storage unit too. Photo albums and other important items can also be put into storage.

If you are a workaholic, you may need to store some of your paperwork, tools, or equipment in a storage unit. If anyone steps into it, they will be able to see right away that you are a hard working individual. You can even turn a storage unit into an office.

Many people store clothing in storage units until they need it. If someone walks into a unit and sees expensive fur coats, they may think that the storage unit owners are fun and may travel to important events. If they spot jeans and sweatshirts, they may think the unit owners are more laid back. What you keep in your unit says a lot about your personality and lifestyle.