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Tetris: Packing a Storage Unit Is More Familiar Than You Think

Packing a storage unit can be much easier than you think. You want to figure out the best way to pack your specific items. You can use Affordable Moves to find a good storage unit near your current or future location.

To begin with, you will want to pack your heavy boxes on the bottom of the pile and place lighter boxes on top so nothing gets crushed. You should also put your large furniture in the unit early and stick boxes on top of it and underneath it to save room.

It can help to label all of your boxes so you know what items you want to put near the front of the unit. If you have certain items you plan on getting out of the unit first or some you plan to use when you visit the unit, you will need to put them up front. You should also put fragile items up front so they don’t get lost among the other heavy boxes of items.

If you are putting musical instruments into storage, be sure to keep them in their cases. You want to make sure your instruments stay clean and dust free. If you have a large musical instrument like a piano, be sure it is covered. You also want to make sure your instruments are stored in a climate-controlled unit to keep them protected from humidity and temperature changes.

When you bring items like couches into a storage unit, you want to cover them as well. You can buy special couch covers, tarps, or sheets. You should also take apart large furniture you can disassemble easily. Take off legs, drawers, and other parts of furniture so these items are easier to move into storage. You also want to make sure these parts don’t fall off by accident when you are transporting them. You want to make sure your items are packed properly while in storage so you can have easy access to them later on.