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Organizing Your Kitchen Is Like Working a Puzzle

Think back to the problem solving method you used as a child when you were putting a puzzle together. Most likely, you tried to find the pieces with straight edges that provided a framework for the puzzle. Once you created the framework, filling in the middle was easier. When you begin organizing your kitchen, you can follow a similar guideline.

Begin your kitchen organization process with the basics such as dishes, cookware, and regularly used bowls and utensils. Put these in logical and convenient places. Dishes, glasses and silverware should be near the sink or dishwasher. Cookware and utensils should be placed near the stove.

Keep a minimal amount of things on your counter top so you have more work space available. This will also make your kitchen look more spacious. Consider investing in small appliances that attach under the top cabinets. This will also free up some counter top space for you.

If you have a pantry, use organizers as a way to maximize the space there. If your kitchen does not have a pantry, devise the most efficient storage method possible for food items and linens.

Store seldom-used or seasonal items in the back of a cabinet, on the top shelf of the pantry or even in another room, if necessary. There's no reason to let seasonal items consume the valuable storage space you need for frequently used items.

When you are trying to solve a puzzle or put a puzzle together, you look for items that have similarities. This is a good tip to keep in mind when organizing your kitchen. Store similar items together - or at least within the same area of the kitchen. You can purchase drawer and cabinet organizers that fit together nicely, just like the pieces of a puzzle and offer you an excellent method for storing specific items.