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How to Tell a Good Realtor from a Great Realtor

It is easy to feel burned when you are selling a home. Each month that tics by without a buyer carries doubts and discouragement, and you wonder, if you contracted with the right realtor.

How can you avoid this situation and choose a great realtor from the beginning? Ask questions and then ask the same questions of the realtor’s references. You need to interview at least three before making a choice.

1. Find out how much time and money the realtor is willing to invest. You want an agent who uses every available resource to sell your home. Uncover the agent’s philosophy by asking this question: What is your marketing plan?

Some agents list homes and hope the listing brings a buyer. This is not a marketing plan. Other agents believe in adding virtual tours, postcards, flyers, and the like. Agents who skimp on marketing will say things like, “Virtual tours and flyers do not sell homes. I want the buyer to call me instead.”

2. Discuss the market to find out how the realtor prices properties. Is this someone whose strategy is to “price it right?” This is realtor-speak for underpricing for a quick sale. Or does this realtor want you to get the most money for your home? Ask these questions to find out:

• What are the market conditions?
• Who is buying?
• Which price range is selling fastest?
• How would you price my home?

3. Find out if the realtor is an experienced, full-time agent. Also determine if he or she works in your price range. Those who specialize in million dollar homes do not give moderately priced homes much attention. Ask these questions:

• How many homes have you closed this past year?
• How much did they sell for?
• How many homes do you currently have listed?

4. Determine the realtor’s accessibility by asking: How often can I expect to hear from you?

After interviewing likely agents, follow up with their references. Once you have the information, you are positioned to choose the very best agent to sell your home quickly and for a good price.