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Between Gigs: Where to Store the Band's Gear

If your band plays a lot of different gigs, you will want to have a safe place to store your equipment during your down time. Affordable Moves can help you find a self-storage unit that will be just right for your instrument storage needs. You want to store your band's gear in a convenient location you can get to at any moment. Large musical equipment like a drum set, guitars, amplifiers, and more can really clutter up your home. When you store these items in a storage unit, you can have a place designated for your musical gear so your house does not become overrun with your equipment. You can easily keep your items secure and organized in a personal storage unit.

To begin with, you want to store your instruments in a climate-controlled storage unit, if possible. You want your gear to be protected from the outside temperatures and from humidity that could cause serious damage to your instruments and equipment. Temperature fluctuations are not your instruments’ best friend. Musical instruments are expensive and you want to prevent any type of problems from occurring by storing your items in a good place. If your musical instruments have cases, be sure and put them into the cases while in storage. Be sure to cover your larger instruments like pianos with a cloth for a little extra protection. You want to keep your instruments clean and dust free while they are in storage.

Security is also important when it comes to your musical instrument investment. You want to make sure your items are stored in a safe place. Most good storage facilities offer several security options such as personal locks and security lights. Some storage facilities also have guards or managers on duty that watch over the area. There are many storage facilities which use surveillance cameras, too. You can feel good about leaving your band gear in a storage unit run by a reputable company. Your items will stay safe until you are ready to play your next gig.