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Are you in need of storage space? You’ve come to the right place to. Our database will provide you with the opportunity of finding an array of storage options. With the help of Affordable Moves you will find what you are looking for.

Self Storage

Space is a precious commodity. When yours is running low, think of a local self storage company as a way to accommodate your possessions on a long term or short term basis. From mini storage lockers to larger outdoor locations, these places can give you the ideas you need to meet almost every requirement. Best of all, since all renters provide their own locks, privacy won't be an issue.

Vehicle Storage

RVs, boats, and antique cars are treasures in their own right, but in some neighborhoods, special ordinances can make their temporary safekeeping a hassle. Fortunately, many companies offer a range of solutions for storing such items, making them easy to access when they're needed and easy to stash when they're not.

Climate-Controlled Buildings

Changes in climate often wreak havoc with stored items. Exposure to extremes in temperature and humidity can cause them to warp, rust or mildew. That's when an indoor storage space in a climate-controlled building makes sense. These units will remain within a temperature range of 50 to 80 degrees. While they often cost a bit more, the assurance of document conservation and protection for sensitive items can justify the higher price.

Business and Commercial Storage Units

Whenever there are goods to store, small business owners find offsite companies particularly useful. Surplus inventory may become a problem, or a contractor's building materials might outgrow his onsite storage solutions. That's when businessmen discover that a local center for storing these items provides the best answer: a secure and relatively cheap method of warehousing their goods at a price they can afford.

Storage Auctions

If abandoned units accumulate, owners of these facilities sometimes hold auctions to divest themselves of their contents. Although these auctions are as popular with bargain hunters as they are with second-hand dealers, storage facilities generally make no profit on them. After taking out the amount owed for rent, any overage usually goes to the renter.

Affordable Moves will help you manage your storage needs without causing you headaches. Whatever your storage needs, search our database to keep your belonging safe.

Storage Locations

Owning it all and not having the accumulation of treasures turn into an eyesore within your four walls is like having a cake and eating it, too. Do away with stuff you don't need, but can't part with. Whether you are looking for a self storage by name, or need to find a temporary home for your possessions in a state, city, town, or neighborhood, Affordable Moves lets you find it with the click of a button.

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