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Moving to a new home, whether for a new job or a personal sense of adventure, can be exhilarating. However, packing has a reputation of edging into stressful, especially if you’re doing everything under a time crunch. This is why portable storage is such a life-saver. A portable stroage unit is delivered to your home where you can pack at your own pace. It is moved to your specified location only when you’re ready. There’s no need to search high and low for the best portable storage from 1 800 Pack Rat, use Affordable Moves to see all of the 1 800 Pack Rat locations near your home.

You already know that 1 800 Pack Rat has one of the best reputations around. Use Affordable Moves to track down the closest storefronts near you and ask if any of the locations offer discounts to go with their rates. With your mobile storage pod in place, you can rest easy knowing you can take your time getting ready for the upcoming chapter of your life.