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Ways to Stay Active in an Office Setting

When you work in an office, it's easy to feel like you barely move from your desk all day. You need to get your tasks accomplished, but you can stay active by incorporating some of these simple ideas.

Park Strategically

You can add extra steps as your day begins by parking further away than usual. Instead of searching for the spot closest to the door, park a few aisles away on pleasant days. This ensures you get a little walk both before and after work.

Track Your Steps

If you find it hard to stay motivated, wearing a device that tracks your steps is incredibly helpful. You can purchase anything from a budget-friendly basic pedometer to a higher end model that synchs with your smartphone. Set a goal for daily steps, and progressively increase your goal as you start making progress. You can even start a friendly competition among your co-workers to see who can accrue the most steps each week!

Move While Waiting

You might not realize it, but you probably spend a good chunk of time each day waiting. Maybe you're waiting for your lunch to heat up in the microwave or standing by the copier while a large document prints and collates. You can stay active simply by moving each time you find yourself waiting. Instead of just standing there, take a few laps around the room, stretch your legs by rising to your tiptoes, or do a handful of squats.

Volunteer to Help

Finally, you can add to your activity level by volunteering for any active tasks around the office. Volunteer to put away the tables and chairs after the staff luncheon or take the packages down to the mail room each afternoon.

Making an effort to stay active at work has numerous benefits for your health. When you're moving, you reduce your risk of chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, so start getting active today!