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Quick and Easy Meals to Take to Work

You can't stand the thought of another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and eating out for lunch every day gets expensive. When you try one of these delicious meal ideas, you'll have a budget-friendly lunch at the office you can actually look forward to. 

Wrap It Up

If you're tired of boring sandwiches, put away the sliced white bread and start enjoying some delicious wraps! Start with a white, whole wheat, or veggie tortilla, and don't be afraid to get creative when adding your toppings. A great wrap consists of at least one protein, such as meat or cheese, plenty of your favorite sliced vegetables, and sauce for extra flavor. Some delicious combos include turkey, cheese, and avocado with ranch dressing, a classic BLT wrap with mayo, or an apple and cheddar wrap with a touch of honey.

Super Soup

As cooler weather approaches, it's great to look forward to a bowl of comforting soup for lunch. Soup is inexpensive and nutritious, and best of all, it can be made in advance for a week of easy lunches. During the weekend, make a big pot of chili, chicken noodle soup, baked potato soup, or any of your other favorites. Take a few extra seconds to portion the soup into individual containers, and your lunches will be ready to go! Many soups that don't contain pasta freeze well, too, so you can mix and match your favorites to add some variety.

Spice Up Leftovers

Some of the best lunches start with dinner the night before. However, you can get creative with your leftovers if you don't find eating the same thing twice appealing. For instance, turn the brown rice into last night's dinner into a delicious rice bowl by adding some spicy beef and veggies. Your leftover pasta can be re-purposed into a colorful pasta salad, or you can cut up your extra grilled chicken, add some Greek yogurt and grapes, and enjoy chicken salad.

It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to revitalize your work lunches, but you'll love the results!