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How to Move During the Holidays without Becoming the Grinch

Moving can be stressful any time of the year. However, moving during the holidays can be even more taxing for a variety of reasons - especially if you have children. There are a few strategies that will help make a holiday move less stressful for everyone.

Before your actual moving date, you will be busy packing boxes. Try to reserve one room as a "box-free" zone. If you usually have a Christmas tree during the holidays, put a tree in that room. Make decorating the tree a fun diversion from moving activities for you and the kids. Even though you may feel pressed for time, make time to follow through with some of your usual holiday traditions. Take an evening to bake cookies and watch a holiday movie or attend a holiday event in your neighborhood.

You could invite friends over for a holiday packing party. Play some holiday music while everyone helps you pack. Take advantage of pizza delivery or pre-made party trays so you don't have to deal with cooking while trying to pack. A lot of happy memories can be made at a gathering like this.

Moving can be an emotional experience for adults and children alike. Children very quickly and easily pick up on nervous tension their parents feel – whether you’re tense from packing, a ticking clock against all the things you still have to do, or relocating altogether. Emotions tend to reside near the surface during the holiday season even when moving is not part of the holiday plan. It's important to remain positive and to carry on with as many holiday activities as possible so everyone stays happy and optimistic.

One way to ease the stress of moving during the holidays is to plan ahead. If you will need the services of a moving company, make sure they have workers available for the date you plan to move. If friends and family are helping, but you need a rental trick or van to load your belongings in, have those arrangements made ahead of time. Knowing your plans are securely in place will lessen your level of stress. You can then focus on keeping the holidays fun.