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Do's and Don’ts of Your Child’s School Halloween Costume

For many children, wearing costumes to school is part of the fun of Halloween, but many schools have strict rules in place that limit the types of costumes children are allowed to wear. When a recent move means your kids have to adjust to a new school, the last thing you want is for their Halloween costumes to get them in trouble. These do's and don'ts can help ensure your little trick-or-treaters fit right in.

Book Themed Parties for Your Kids

Whether one of your kids has an upcoming birthday or you're looking for an excuse to help your brood make friends after moving to a new town, a book-themed party is sure to be a big hit. To guarantee stellar reviews, take your child's age into account when choosing the book. Classic titles like "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" or "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" are perfect for little ones. Older children will love a themed party that brings the latest book-to-movie franchise to life. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

Halloween Treats for Your Party

It's your first Halloween in your new home, and you've decided that the spooky holiday is the ideal time to show off your new place to your friends and family. You've stocked up on some frightfully fun decorations, and now it's time to make sure your guests have plenty of tasty treats to enjoy as well. These Halloween-themed goodies are certain to spark some lively conversations and earn you stellar reviews as the perfect host.

DIY Costumes- How to Revamp Halloween in Your New City

It can take a while to get organized after a move to a new city, and even if Halloween is your favorite holiday, you may not have the time to shop for an elaborate costume before the big day arrives. Fortunately, some out-of-the-box thinking is all you need to turn everyday objects, clothing, and makeup into a fun and memorable Halloween costume.

Tips for Getting to Know Your College Professor

You've just started a new year at college, and you're determined to make the most of your time at school. There's one strategy for success you won't want to overlook: getting to know your teachers. Developing relationships with your college professors can give you access to opportunities you might otherwise miss. From guidance about your courses to information about internships and research programs, your professors can help you be successful at college and in your future career.