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Things You End Up Buying Again and Again

As you grow tired of unused items spilling out of your closets and garage, you purge everything that gets in your way. Lamps from 10 years ago? Gone. Last year's bedding? Gone. That scuffed-up coffee table? Your unused treadmill? The curling iron that doesn't work with your new hairstyle? Gone, gone, and gone! Then the cycle repeats as you purchase updated versions of those items as time passes. Before you get caught up in that buy/purge/re-buy cycle, keep in mind that some things are better stored than tossed.

Tips for Listing an Item on Craigslist

Recently hit with unexpected expenses, or just looking for a little extra money? Online community sites offer plenty of legitimate opportunities to make some quick cash, and Craigslist is the granddaddy of them all. The site makes it easy to sell all sorts of things lying around your house or in storage, from old vinyl records to unused furniture. New to the site? Never fear, because below you’ll find a few tips to make your Craigslist experience easy-breezy:

How to Renovate for Big Life Transitions

New babies, ailing parents, and dozens of other life events can lead to big changes for your home. Before you start panicking, rest assured that home renovations don't have to be the exhausting, anxiety-producing, and costly experiences that you’re imagining. With a little planning and forethought, you can easily transform your home to reflect your new lifestyle.

How to Get Rid of Toxic Household Items

You're busily cleaning and feeling smug about how much you're getting done in your home. Then you come across Grandma's old-fashioned wall thermometer in the junk drawer, and your day comes to a screeching halt. It's the moment when all your cleaning and organizing plans go haywire: Do you toss it in the trash? Can you recycle things with mercury in them? Or, do you throw it back in storage and forget it for another decade?

Modern Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Few things make a home look more outdated than a tired, old kitchen. Fortunately, you can inject some life, color, and flavor back into your home with a kitchen that is freshly updated. Best of all, you don't have to spend a lot of money in the process.